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Your existing data will be preserved & you can continue using the same.Updating Clients: On Clicking Download & Push client, for all the clients, a confirmation box will be displayed like below.When customers check out from your store, they will see a Messenger widget on your checkout page that opts them in to receiving updates from Messenger.To see the Messenger widget, customers need to be logged in to their Facebook accounts from their browsers when they check out from your store.Facebook automatically fetches edits made to the persistent menu over time.In other words, updates are not instant unless existing users delete the conversation and initiate a new conversation with the bot.Aside from those privacy features, Telegram offers basically the same service as any other instant messaging system: group chats, file sharing, personalized notifications, etc.Telegram is an instant messaging tool that shares many similarities - including its appearance - with Whats App.

I have tried deleting conversation both in app and browser, gone to chat with different people and returned, edited the menu in chatfuel and retried.Telegram's security options allow you to create private chats with other users, which means that your conversations with them are completely encrypted and aren't saved or stored on Telegram's servers.And you can activate a 'self-destruct' feature so that your messages are erased every X amount of time.As a result, we are asking people who are using older versions to upgrade so they can enjoy more of the delightful features of Messenger.We will be ending support for messaging in some older mobile app versions of Messenger and Facebook.

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Still, the additional privacy that it provides could be very attractive to many people.

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