Chris luna dating coach

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Chris luna dating coach

In 2008 he launched his own dating company, The Social Man, with Nick Sparks.

He later bought Nick Sparks out, and is now the sole owner of The Social Man.

He differentiates himself in the crowded dating advice market by emphasizing improving your overall quality of life (through social skills) both for attracting women and building networks of good friends.

His most popular programs from his company have been coaching bootcamps in NYC, The Girlfriend Activation System and The Desire System.

Most men are unaware of the bad programming in them that drives women away.

I want to know if you currently have a process to meet women, initiate interaction, and flirt with them plus the usual outcome of your strategy.

Technology can be an amazing asset, and she’ll teach you how to use it correctly.

Guys placed in the friend zone group are known to be quiet, unattractive, and to make up for their lack of physical appeal, tend to be extremely kind.

We will explore the real reasons why women are disinterested in you and why they walk away from you and what has worked or not worked for you in the past.

Then give you quick fixes to immediately start dating women without needing any luck, friends or external support.

We will modify it with my rejection proof formula so you can engage women without any fear, doubt or hesitation and hear a definite yes every single time.

Luna, who hails from California, has been running his coaching service in New York called ' Craft of Charisma' since last year, offering students from varied backgrounds help in being comfortable meeting members of the opposite sex.

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