Sex chat with avatars

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Sex chat with avatars

lol I still was but I was going from memory so that's my fault.

I still think that the expectation would be that both genders would be included since that's the way it's always worked in the past. That's what you guys get though for putting out an update that makes me stay up so late playing it!

Applying game theory concepts, the chatter bot views each conversation in terms of seven potential levels.

They also question why IBM would add a layer of buttoned-down bureaucracy to this relatively rollicking corner of the Internet.Increasingly though, these online zones like "Second Life" are also becoming places where commerce is happening. Now, in hopes of capturing the power of this new platform while avoiding potentially embarrassing incidents, IBM is taking the unusual step of establishing official guidelines for its more than 5,000 employees who inhabit "Second Life" and other online universes.IBM appears to be the first corporation to create rules governing virtual worlds.The database of conversations is stored in English, so Negobot translates all input into English before processing.Ongoing conversations are also added to the existing database.

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